About Us

GRUPO VENSO’s trajectory goes back to the beginning of the 60s, when its founder Pedro Vendrell Reales set about modernizing the agriculture of the time and built the company’s first forage dehydrator) in Almacelles (Lleida)


Since then, the Group (Venso SA) has experienced strong growth, building modern forage dehydrators throughout Spain, while significantly diversifying its activities in the agricultural sector, especially in fruit.

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Throughout all these years, our main objective has been to offer our customers the highest standards of quality in our products, which we achieve thanks to our own farms that allow absolute control of the process. In the same way, at our core is a policy of immediate response to the specific needs of each client, as well as personalised after-sales service. Proof of our commitment to quality and service can be found in our obtaining ISO 9001 and Global Gap certificates in production and marketing of dehydrated fodder and fruit.


Our opening up to foreign markets has been fundamental in the evolution of the Group, since at present our products have markets consolidated and recognized in countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China and Morocco, among others.
In 2007, the culmination of a process of expansion and diversification, BETULA ALBA was opened in Almacelles (Lleida), a sign of the Group’s immersion in social and community concerns. It is a Residential Complex for the elderly, which also has a restaurant, hairdressing salon, gymnasium, medical centre, and so on, and whose innovative and modernist spirit is reflected in these facilities.


Previously, the VENSO PRIVATE FOUNDATION was set up, to which part of the Group’s profits are allocated, and which responds to the desire to take responsibility for the community that surrounds it. It is a non-profit entity that contributes to the promotion and development of activities aimed at the elderly.


Grupo Venso is, in short, a group of 100% family-owned businesses, which has been expanding its horizons over the years while always keeping alive our desire to improve the land and the society in which we live.

Holding Venher. Grupo Venso
Grupo Venso. Family.



To invest in and improve agriculture, using new technologies, while respecting the environment.


To constantly evolve our products and offer our clients the highest quality, at an international level.


To remain faithful to the principles and values of our company, the foundations upon which all our activities are based.



To be a global benchmark in the agricultural sector and the dehydration of forage, for its continuous search for excellence.


To continue diversification of our activities, in a way which maintains our commitment to the environment and the society in which we live, promoting sustainable agriculture and employment.



Integrity. Work based on values and integrity in a coherent and responsible manner in all areas.

Innovation and continuous improvement. Search for new technologies and working methods with the aim of offering a service of the highest quality.

We value people. We foster an environment that favours individual expression, creativity, innovation and achievement. We are personally committed to the success and well-being of our entire team.

Culture of commitment and teamwork. This fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork to make the most of all capabilities and resources.